5 Easy Steps to Hold Your Mind on a Higher Vibration and Create Miracles


By Patricia Young e all know that the frequency or station we are on, like a radio station or a TV channel, will determine the outcome of the picture or the music that we’ll get. If we tune to a station in which they transmit bad news, that’s what we will get, and if we… Continue Reading »

A Recipe For Cultivating Joy


By Patricia Young e all want to feel more joy in our lives, and the truth is, that Joy is the natural state of our spirit, our true-Self. But we get disconnected from it as we grow older, when we let our ego or conditioned self take over and drive our lives. We can see… Continue Reading »

7 Easy Steps To A More Positive Lifestyle

By Patricia Young e have the choice to live a positive and happy life. It is our responsibility, not everyone else’s. Independently of what goes on throughout our days, we always have the choice on how we process what happens around us. There are plenty of things we can do to help improve our lives… Continue Reading »

Can We Learn from Guilt?


By Patricia Young uilt, even though natural in all of us, is a very heavy and heartbreaking emotion, that sometimes we suffer in silence, and prevents us from loving ourselves and seeing our true potential. Guilt is our own imprisonment. This emotion can be debilitating. Guilt is appropriate at a healthy level, otherwise, anarchy would… Continue Reading »

The Wonders of a Shift in Perspective


By Patricia Young Our personal approach creates the environment that we live in, we establish the climate. This means that we are the owners of the greatest power. The power of driving our lives and shifting our results, lies within us. But we all have our beliefs, filters and pre-conceived opinions on so many areas… Continue Reading »