Stop Feeling Like a Victim, assume control Now!

By Patricia Young

How often do we end up blaming others and/or circumstances for things that happen to us in life? I would say that we do that very often, even though we may not be aware of it.

It is always better, and easier, to place that responsibility on something or anybody else.  That way we feel better and give ourselves permission to be victims of people or circumstances … After all, we never sabotage ourselves on purpose, right?  so someone must be to blame … but the reality is that we are responsible and therefore, most of the times accountable (there are some situations that we can’t control, but most of the times we can)  for many of the events we face.

“We are victims of ourselves. We cannot see it while we are busy playing the Victim role”

If  we do not understand this, we will never challenge ourselves to grow and be better. Being accountable, can be a tough and painful process that requires a lot of honesty, reflection and introspection.

It is normal that, in critical moments of emotional pain, we tend to protect our “self.” While we are judging and blaming others, our ego takes power and we lose objectivity to analyze ourselves.

A lot of people, sadly, live with that suffering for years. The best way to change our lives and take complete control over it, is by being accountable, and assume that our experiences are the result of all our thoughts and ways of seeing and facing life.

We must accept that the life we ​​have now is our own creation. It is the result our way of perceiving and processing experiences, challenges, etc. If we do not like what we have today, we have the choice to change it now!  By assuming control, we will stop living our lives feeling fear for the future, and depressed because of our past.

When unpleasant situations arise, ask yourself  “What can I do to reduce the chances of this happening again?”

The only way to treat the Victim’s Syndrome, is by taking control, holding yourself accountable and taking the necessary actions to have a better and more successful life.

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