Foreword by Dr. Margaret Paul

“Awakening to Life beautifully explores the issues that are most dear to my heart: learning to love yourself, define your self-worth, take responsibility for yourself, connect with your higher source of love and wisdom, discover your passion and purpose, and manifest your dreams. All these things lead to living your Awakened Life―and the pathway to all of them is here in your hands.”

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Advanced Praise for Awakening to Life!

“Awakening to Life will powerfully and gracefully guide you to wake up to who you truly are: a divine being full of purpose and love. Patricia weaves in her transformational journey while sharing poignant, actionable and empowering activities, strategies and new ways to uncover your greatness. She teaches you how to go to the root of suffering and replant with self-love. This is a beautiful book that will elevate your life and most definitely the consciousness of humanity.”

Julie Reisler, Life Designer®, Author & Speaker

“Patricia Young has created an intensely valuable guidance system for people struggling with reclaiming their power and finding their true path in life. Her no-nonsense, heartfelt words offer both encouragement and support in making the transition from living a small, unfulfilling life to stepping fully into The big life we each are meant to live. Being empowered to take full responsibility for our lives is just one of the potent gifts this book offers. May you gift yourself with that empowerment and all of the other life-altering offerings within its pages.”

Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum, psychologist, holistic coach, and author

“Patricia Young offers clear and affirming guidance in Awakening to Life: Your Sacred Guide to Consciously Creating a Life of Purpose, Magic, and Miracles. Through her passionate writing and her own personal experience, Patricia shows you how to wholeheartedly embrace the possibilities of a truly inspired life, and demonstrates that you have the power to transform and consciously create a spiritually healthy life. She asks powerful questions that inspire an inner dialogue with your soul as she guides you gracefully, step by step, along your personal path to spiritual awakening. In Awakening to Life, Patricia gives you the spiritual blueprint for creating a life with meaning, purpose and a deep inner knowing of who you are.”

Dr. Debra L. Reble, Intuitive Psychologist and best-selling author of Being Love and Soul-Hearted Partnership

“Become your most authentic self! Awakening to Life is a fantastic guidebook for women who want to live their most satisfying, soulful and magical life. A great read for inspiration and insight on how to become your most authentic self!”

Shann Vander Leek, award-winning producer, voice talent, and best-selling author

Awakening to Life is a must-read guide that will revolutionize the way you see yourself and your purpose in life. With this book, Patricia created a powerful path for you to discover your purpose and take easy-to-implement action steps to empower you on your path. Treat yourself, and allow this book to awaken within you the power to bring purpose, magic and miracles into your life.”

Patricia Missakian, Founder of Akashic Records Institute

Awakening to Life is an inspiring book for anyone who’s ready to live their life on her own terms. The wisdom in this book will encourage you to express more of your authentic self and say yes to your passions. A must-read for anyone who believes in infinite possibilities!”

Felicia Baucom, Transformational Life Coach and best-selling author

“In her book, Awakening to Life, Patricia Young inspires us to step outside our limiting beliefs and to see the world of possibilities that truly lie within us. I was so moved by her honesty and courage in sharing not only great insights, but personal stories that give a glimpse into how these concepts aren't just being shared, but also were lived. If you are someone that feels like you're sitting on the sidelines of your life, this book will inspire you to jump in the game and awaken to the amazing soul that you truly are. I highly recommend this to anyone who has ever doubted their value or worth, as Patricia leaves you seeing your magnificent divinity staring right back at you.”

Shari Alyse, Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe and motivational speaker

 “Patricia's heartfelt experiences shed light on what holds us back and how to discover the source within to truly live. As she steps through life lessons into a more inspired, expansive way of living, she leaves a trail for those of us interested in walking more fully in our truth.”

Deb Coman, content marketing strategist, copywriter, and speaker

“In Awakening to Life, Patricia Young shares her personal story of awakening to inspire others to wake up to the truth of who they are. Weaving her personal journey with insights and wisdom gained from her own journey of awakening and her study of Buddhism leave the reader with a rich framework for awakening.”

Catherine Hayes, Leadership Coach and Enneagram expert

“If you are feeling stuck, Awakening to Life is the key to finding the freedom to be your true self. Patricia Young shares her personal growth through various turning points in her own life to show you how to make changes that inspire you to live your life’s purpose.”

Lisa Hutchison, LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist & Writing Coach for Empaths & Artists

“Having a purposeful life really comes down to making powerful choices. Awakening to Life takes you through multiple exercises and beautiful, thought-provoking journal prompts so that you can tap into your internal power and bring awareness to the special gifts you possess. Patricia shares many painful and poignant turning points of her own journey that document the lessons she teaches with such passion.”

Mal Duane, Transformational Coach, speaker, and best-selling author

“We are all on this Earth for a purpose, but many people do not know what their purpose is, or are afraid to even find out. Discovering your purpose―and then living it―is what we're destined to do. That's why I love Patricia's book, Awakening to Life. She helps her readers navigate these waters, allowing them to claim their purpose, and fall in love with their life as a result. Highly recommended!”

Jill Celeste, MA, marketing coach and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy

“What an inspiring book filled with so much wisdom and practical guidance! Patricia’s call for us to live life courageously and authentically and honor our truth and purpose in order to make the world a better place resonates so strongly with me. I love the questions to ponder and the self-nurturing practices in each chapter to consciously create a life of purpose, magic and miracles. I strongly recommend Awaken to Life!

Kelley Grimes, MSW, Counselor, Speaker, Internationally best-selling author and self-nurturing expert

“Love flows across these pages! ‘Once we honor the part [of ourselves] that’s trying to protect us, we’ll start making different choices and live life by design, not by default.’ I was inspired by this great quote from Awakening to Life by Patricia Young, a wonderful guide to awakening to take with you on your transformational journey. Written with heart, with soul, and from experience, this is the book you would recommend to your best friend.”

Anna Pereira, Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe

“Are you living an expansive and inspired life? We live in a challenging culture of fitting in with the status quo. In Awakening to Life, Patricia Young asks if we are ready to take full responsibility for our lives, so that we may experience the true authenticity we all strive for. Patricia gives us a different point of view, helping us gain a new perspective through the ‘possibility’ lens of life. Breaking free from the old limitations we have imposed on ourselves sets us free and opens us up to new opportunities that lead to living large.”

Debra Oakland, best-selling author of Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change

“With little guidance to overcome the plethora of life that has covered up our soul expression, it is often difficult to find and create a life of purpose. Patricia beautifully guides those trying to reclaim the inner joy and purpose we were all born with to magically Awaken to a life of magic and miracles. A powerful message for us all!”

Laura P. Clark, Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Trainer

Awakening to Life is a true gift for someone undergoing a major life transition. It provides great suggestions and tips to help you reprogram your life and set intentions around where you want to be.”

Sherry Burton Ways, ASID, Designer and best-selling author

Awakening to Life is, without a doubt, a must-read for any woman who is ready to step into her vision and live a life aligned with her true self. Patricia masterfully weaves her own inspiring journey of transformation into a page-turner, while providing readers with guidance for their path. Well done!”

Marcia Mariner, Heart Flow Coach and business mentor

Awakening to Life is both an invitation and guidebook to reclaiming our lives and creating what we really want. Patricia Young's personal stories of her own turning points are both vulnerable and inspiring. She says, ‘Allowing yourself to be who you really are is your birthright.’ If you are feeling called to reevaluate your life for any reason, Patricia's book can help you get started and support you to look deeply within for your own authentic answers. Awakening is a process which requires courage, truth, intention and support. This book offers journaling prompts, quotes, stories, tools and more that can help you take responsibility for loving yourself enough to live true. Learn the steps to reclaiming and committing to self-love, which Patricia says requires keeping promises to yourself. This book calls forth our confidence to truly value ourselves enough to fully embrace living an awakened and expanded life!”

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC, Transformational Writing for Wellness Coach & best-selling author

“We are all being called to live authentically and to embrace our inner truth and power! In Patricia’s empowering book, Awakening to Life, you will find a trail guide filled with inspiration, expert guidance, and encouragement to support you in creating a life of purpose, magic and miracles.  The time to awaken to your own wisdom and power is now!”

Jami Hearn, leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach, Akashic Records practitioner and Evidential Medium

“It was a joy to read Patricia Young's Awakening to Life. She shares so much wisdom and inspiration on how to truly wake up and take in the fullness of the life you are meant to live. Her own powerful and courageous journey lights a path that will open the door to soul level fulfillment for so many people!”

Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

“On this journey we call life, it is critically important to know there are others who are sharing our path and can help us on our way. In this book, Patricia shares her story in a way that opens our eyes and hearts to what is possible and reminds us that we are not alone. Read and awaken!”

Camille Leon, Founder, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

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