Tip on How to Get Unstuck and Keep Moving Forward

By Patricia Young

Have you ever felt that, even though you’re capable and have the energy to do many things, you’re not moving forward, like if you’re not being able to focus and you’re stuck?  At some point we all have been there.

When you’re not focused and not using your time and energy wisely, the path to your dreams seems steeper and everything seems harder. Going into that mindset is not beneficial to achieve your goals.

Have you put some thought into what is it that is distracting you? A good way to better understand where your time is going is by creating a list, at the end of your day, with all the things that you’ve done during that day, that way you will see how you spent your time.

When you create your list in the evening, analyze what type of situations or interactions with people robbed your energy and distracted you from your goals for that day. Also, analyze it the other way around, what situations or interactions with people gave you a boost of positive energy!

Based on your analysis you can decide a plan on how to avoid the negative situations and interactions and how to get more of the positive ones.  Life is about choices, so choose to be surrounded by positive people and limit your time with people that drains your energy.

Focus on the reasons WHY you want to achieve your goals. Put your energy towards what you want, on what is a MUST for you.   That way you will stay focused  and will move forward achieving your goals.

Remember: Always believe in yourself and honor the challenges from life, see them as opportunities to grow and evolve. So, embrace your challenges and stay focused on your WHY!

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